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Capital Consultation started as a small web development business with one individual. In 2014, Harley Knight owned his pilates studio and has been providing pilates lessons for more than 4 years that year.

On June 5, 2014, Knight attended a seminar for web development for beginners. Knight was hooked with what he saw and he started taking online lessons to learn more about HTML.

By August, Knight was able to create his website with both the front-end and back-end coded by him alone. As the years passed by, Knight continued to expand his knowledge and skills in web development. In 2016, he became an expert in web development, web design, digital marketing, web hosting, and SEO.

Capital Consultation in 2017

In 2017, Capital Consultation became a UK-wide consultant for web solutions for businesses, companies, organizations, and even government entities. The company started to provide consultation and assessment services to businesses and companies looking to expand their online presence and to better position them in several online platforms.

We have partnered with several web development, web hosting, and SEO companies throughout the years. Our services are now mainly based on professional consultations in helping businesses and companies maximize web solutions and to connect them to ideal providers.

In 2020, Capital Consultation helped more than 1,200 clients across the UK expand their online presence. We continue to build strong relationships with providers not only in the UK but across the globe.

It is our mission to help everyone adapt to the modern world and also for them to find value in these web solutions that would help them in many ways.

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