Web Design Trends for Online Casinos

Online casino websites are pretty consistent with their design. A header with a carousel feature of promos and new games. Then a log-in button on the upper right side. Below is mostly information about the casino operator and its scope of clients.

But, online casino operators are being sold to the idea of being unique when it comes to web design. They don’t just want to be unique, but rather they want to stand out. Many of them are willing to spend good money on web design and digital marketing services.

Here are some of the web design trends we think are perfect for online casino websites.

Oversized Elements

Oversized fonts or text does not always scream good design. However, people are incorporating the idea to improve communication with clarity.

That is the main reason behind this one and that would play well for online casino websites.

In the UK, there is a huge volume of people gambling online. That means, they need to navigate these websites or applications. Given their age, it is safe to assume that they may find it hard to navigate the website on their own.

Oversized elements like text and buttons would help them a lot. There is also beauty in oversized elements, but only if you find the other elements to complement it. For that, we recommended either minimalism or black and white.

Post Image Web Design Trends for Online Casinos Solid Colour Features and Blocks - Web Design Trends for Online Casinos

Solid Colour Features and Blocks

Most online casino websites have a particular colour scheme. Mostly a combination of three or more. They then use those colours for all pages on their websites. Consistency in design is good, but it is best if you were to shake things up.

For an online casino website, there are several tabs present on the website. For example, on the homepage, there is a section for special announcements or promos. There is another section of the top casino games you recommend. You can even add a chatbot if you want.

Solid colour is mainly incorporated with split-screen designs on a particular page. This gives emphasis and improves navigation among users. Not to mention the background design is not that complicated, everything might be static, but everything stands out.

Unibet, one of the top online gambling and betting websites in the UK is making use of this idea. The design is applied on most of its pages including with the publications of the latest news at Unibet on their blog page.

Post Image Web Design Trends for Online Casinos 3D Digital Artwork - Web Design Trends for Online Casinos

3D Digital Artwork

3D digital marketing is already a thing so why not apply those same concepts to web design. 3D designs for websites is nothing unique but it is certainly something that stands out. That is of course if you’ve made use of the right elements.

3D web designs these days is mostly paired with neon and luminous features. Now, 3D is much more complicated to do compared to the other two items listed.

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